Ways of preserving food


If you are finding ways of preserving food, then you will come across numerous methods that can help you out. However, some of them are ineffective while few have more disadvantages than persevering benefits. Therefore, you cannot rely on methods that cannot yield perfect preservation methods. However, few methods such as freeze dry food have proven to be best for persevering food. Freezing dry food removes moisture from food and keeps it stocked for a number of years without spoiling. Therefore, if you need to preserve food, you should consider freezing dry food. This is perfect for long term food storage plans. However, to preserve food, you will need to learn how to freeze dry food.

How to Freeze Dry Food

Learning freeze dry food method to preserve food is effective if you consider right information while stocking meal. Otherwise, it would likely be the case of wasting money and food spoiling. It involves numerous steps. Here is a brief description on how to freeze dry food and relevant aspects:

Food Inspection and Preparation

Some foods best suit to freeze drying method while others require do not. Therefore, prior to applying process on a food to be preserved, a proper inspection is done and then it is prepared for drying. Here is what inspection and preparation entails:

1.       First off, the food is checked in order ensure it is not contaminated or spoiled. Whether you are preserving fruits, meats, or any other food, it is properly checked to ensure it is free of bacteria and perfectly pure.

2.       Not all but some types of foods are required to be prepared before freezing and drying. For example, seafood and meats need to be cooked before freeze drying method. Food items for industrial or commercial purposes are also prepared and cooked before proceeding further.


Once the food is tested and prepared, next step is to freeze it. Here is how it is done:

1.       The prepared food items are spread on metal trays that are normally stacked 20 to 25 high in slots on a wheeled cart. Food is taken to a frozen room where cold temperature is used to freeze it.

2.       Carts are kept in this room for a considerable time and after that, they are moved to drying chamber.


Drying of frozen food is done:

1.       Once the food items are frozen for a considerable time, the carts are taken out of the cold room and then moved into a drying chamber.

2.       The drying chamber takes all the moisture and water out of food at a low temperature.

3.       The entire chamber drying process works on the idea of sublimation, which entails evaporation of water without affecting the nutritional level of food.


Once the food is dried, it is ready to move into storage. Prior to stocking it, the proper sizing and blending is being done in order to store according to available packaging. After sizing and blending, the food is packed inside canned bags or airtight containers.

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